100% Irish

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The Hottest Trend in Irish Cocktail Garnishing

Transform your cocktails from impressive to ‘WOW!’ with our range of edible cocktail toppers.

Stand out from local competitors with a unique design that mirrors your brand or new cocktail menu with our 100% Irish, 100% Sustainable, 100% Vegan and 100% Gluten Free edible cocktail toppers.

Use your imagination and get creative or take inspiration from our range of off-the-shelf toppers. Brand your cocktails with your logo, celebrate a special occasion or get wildly creative as the possibilities are endless with our wide variety of toppers.

More Than Just a Logo

We encourage our customers to think outside the box when considering a cocktail topper. Have an outside terrace? Why not consider a topper that ties in with the look and feel of the outdoors? Local festival happening soon? Why not brand your toppers with icons or logos of the local performers.

Strategies like this when considering your cocktail toppers will ensure you stay on trend and get far more engagement both on and offline for your brand.

Who We Are

Thought leaders in the Irish food, drink and hospitality industry in Marketing, our team has worked with a range of hotels, bars and restaurants around Ireland. Having spent time devising marketing plans and strategies to help these businesses stand out from competitors and staying on top of food & drink trends around the world, BumbleBee Cocktail Toppers was born with the aim of taking the most talked about drinks to new heights.

In an era where cocktails are one of the most Instagrammable products on social media platforms, it’s important that brands think outside the box and get creative with their menu offerings.

Buy our toppers off-the-shelf or speak to us about toppers with your logo or something entirely different.

If you dream it, we can do it!

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